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In this section of the guide, you’ll learn how to import and export data, manage security and permissions, install extensions and integrations, and use the many tools that are available to maintain your store at peak performance.

Data Transfer

Learn how to import and export data. Manage product, pricing, customer, and tax rate data.


Establish the location of OAuth credentials and redirect URL for third-party integrations, and identify available API resources. Discover resources to extend the native capabilities of Magento.


Set up Admin users with different roles and permissions settings.

Alternate Media Storage

Store media files on a remote database server or Content Delivery Network (CDN).


Review security best practices, and learn how to manage Admin sessions and credentials, implement CAPTCHA, and manage website restrictions.


Learn how to perform routine index and cache management operations, back up the system, manage scheduled operations, and use an assortment of developer tools.

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