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Virtual Product

Virtual products — or digital goods — represent non-tangible items such as memberships, services, warranties, or subscriptions and digital downloads of books, music, videos, or other products. Virtual products can be sold individually, or included as part of the following product types:

Aside from the absence of the Weight field, the process of creating a virtual product and a simple product is the same.

PayPal has deprecated support for the sale of digital goods through PayPal Express Checkout, and recommends that you use either PayPal Payments Standard or any other PayPal payment gateway to process any order that includes virtual products.

Virtual Product

Things to Remember

  • Virtual products are used for non-tangible products such as services, subscriptions, and warranties.

    Virtual products are much like simple products, but without weight.

    Shipping Options do not appear during checkout unless there is a tangible product in the cart.

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