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Grouped Product

A grouped product is made up of simple standalone products that are presented as a group. You can offer variations of a single product, or group them by season or theme. Presenting a grouped product can create an incentive for customers to purchase additional items. A grouped product provides an easy way to offer variations of a product, and list them all on the same page.

For example, you might sell open stock flatware, and list every type of utensil that is used in a formal place setting. Some customers might order multiple salad forks, fish forks, dinner forks, dinner knives, fish knives, butter knives, soup spoons, and dessert spoons. Other customers might order a simple fork, knife, and spoon. Customers can order as many of each item as they want.

Although they are presented as a group, each product in the group is purchased as a separate item. In the shopping cart, each item and the quantity purchased appears a separate line item.

Grouped Product

Things to Remember

A grouped product is essentially a collection of simple associated products.

Each item purchased appears individually in the shopping cart, rather than as part of the group.

The thumbnail image in the shopping cart can be set to display the image from the grouped parent product, or associated product.

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